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The Middle Age
That was you?

Episode 294: “That was you?”

Panel one was going to be simple silhouettes but I was so happy with the sketch I decided to fully render it.

It’s been a challenging month… I’ve been struggling with persistent headaches and eye aches thanks to a sinus issue which steroids and antibiotics can’t seem to fix. Had a CAT scan yesterday (sadly, no cats were at the medical offices when I arrived). The soonest the ENT specialist can see me is April so I’ll be muddling through until then. :/ Oh, the joys of middle age!

About Scott Adams…
As you may have seen Scott Adams of Dilbert (who until yesterday, was also published at GoComics), has detonated his career in the ugliest way possible in a video I will not link to. The Middle Age makes a slight reference to Dilbert in an early 2016 episode (episode 23, where we meet Bob). The road sign points to many comic strip and fantasy locations including Elbonia which is from Dilbert. I’ll be changing that and updating it on Webtoon, Tapas, GoComics, my own site, the PDFs, the Kindle version, and future print versions. As Maledicta might say, $&@# that guy.

The Death Dealing campaign is live and doing great. You can lean more here:

Death Dealing

As always, EXTRA THANKS to my kind supporters on Patreon!

— Steve

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  1. I’m as confused as you are, Quimp but I’ll have to be patient to understand. Sorry to hear about your headaches and problems, Steve. ☹️ As someone who’s suffered with migraines All my life, you certainly have my sympathy!

  2. I have unpublished the political comments on this post.

    There are plenty of other places to discuss politics on the internet. This is clearly not one. This comment section is to talk about wizards, talking swords, and to tell me when I mispelled the word “misspelled.”

    1. That’s fine by me, Steve. It’s actually very tiresome to find politics infiltrating almost anything and everything now. Also, I’m sure you have many readers that aren’t American (such as me) and prefer not to follow what’s happening in the US. Thank you for sticking to humour!

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