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The Middle Age
That's better!

Episode 300: “That’s better!”

The 300th episode of The Middle Age!

I think my preferred solution for writer’s block is to switch gears and work on something else. It clears my head, keeps me working, lets the main story percolate, and allows me to return to the primary task with fresh eyes. The problem in this case with my work on The Middle Age was that the gear I switched to – crafting roleplaying game products – was so much more “successful” than my comics, that it was hard to not put the RPG work on the front burner.

(I put “successful” in quotes because the word means many things to many people. In this case it means that the TTRPG work was immediately welcomed by the gaming community in a way that my comics work always struggled. The humor and art style of The Middle Age doesn’t readily fit in the manga-shaped world of webcomics nor the super-hero/spinner-rack world of comic books. That you’re reading this means you’re absolutely the rare gem of a reader I feel so fortunate to have found. <3 )

The problem was that the longer the breaks from The Middle Age, the more pressure I was putting on myself to make each new episode that much better. Partly to make it worth the wait and also as a way to compensate readers for the extended absence. All that did was make the block larger and heavier. I was getting more and more in my own way.

I’m not saying I’ve found a perfect balance but identifying the problem feels like a good first step. I used to think that when I got middle aged I would have had more of this stuff sorted. Live and learn?

I guess that's a start.

I’m happy to say that the RPG work has given me the chance to flesh out the world of The Middle Age in a way that the story of Sir Quimp just doesn’t allow – and all of the RPG work is oddly “cannon”.

One prediction I’m happy to make: The next 300 episodes won’t take as long to create as the first 300. 🙂

Thank you for your patience!

— Steve

As I announced previously, the title of my next D&D-compatible sourcebook: Nibblemancy! It’s the baking an cooking magic used by King Aethur in The Middle Age.

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  2. Glad to see the comic is still running! I have enjoyed the 300 episodes up to now over the last few years, at least since before episode 106, whenever that came out. Keep up the good work.

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