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The Middle Age
...the next step was easy...

Episode 297: “…the next step was easy…”

I’m done being optimistic about my webcomic schedule. 🙂

I can say that I very much missed drawing The Middle Age and it feels wonderful to be working on it again. I hope it shows.

For fans of Dungeons and Dragons and my TTRPG work, a few quick updates…

  • My first RPG project Intoximancy was nominated for an ENNIE Award at GenCon as one of the five “Best RPG Supplements” of 2022. It didn’t win but it’s a stunning honor for my first RPG project! I can’t thank the judges enough.
  • Intoximancy’s sequel Death Dealing is at the printers now and will be shipping next month
  • The next RPG project Meta Domain will be launching at the end of September. you can learn more at

As always, EXTRA THANKS to my kind supporters on Patreon! I couldn’t do this without you.

— Steve

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    1. Gah! Thanks for letting me know, Pat.

      There’s a specific naming convention for their file uploads and I messed it up. I’m looking to see if they can help me correct it.

      Thanks again!

  1. So glad to see it back 🙂 had Kickstarter remind me of the new project as well, Intoxomancer was a fantastic addition to our games.

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