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The Middle Age
The prince said so...

Episode 293: “The prince said so…”

Without spoilers… the next episodes will bring Quimp closer to Draconia (you can see the sky is getting redder already)!

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— Steve

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  1. Hey look at that, we now have two noble quests… Hey wait, did the second noble quest end when he found Phosphene safe???

    1. Rich, yep. His initial quest ended back when he rescued Phosphene the first time. And with that quest complete, Maledicta’s protections faded and death started to catch up with him.

      1. But Steve, was the second (new) noble quest satisfied? when he found Phosophene and the kids safe? If so, has he recovered enough on his own now that he can continue to live without Maledicta’s protections? Finally … would Maledicta even work anymore if that second quest was satisfied without coming up with a 3rd noble quest (which he looks to be on the cusp of anyhow…). Enquiring minds want to know… 🙂

        1. Rich, Hi. His new quest had to be selfless, so Quimp settled on seeking to free Maledicta from the curse.

          If he succeeds in this quest, it will kill Quimp. That said, our hero is going to attempt to address a few other side quests (unrelated to the curse keeping him ‘alive’) along the way.

  2. I was going to go with the Prince secretly naming his sword “Natural Causes.”

    Just like I named my van in college “The Dumptser,” making it easy for me to end up with hardware meant for the big green thing out side well before the mandatory electronics recycling rules.

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