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The Middle Age
Think of the children!

Episode 276: “Think of the children!”

Kingly combat!

Thanks to everyone who joined me while I worked on this episode during live streams on Twitch.

And extra thanks to new Patreon supporter Shavon White!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. The king calling Quimp “young man” and Quimp’s surprise plus saying there’s only 6 months difference makes me believe that the king is actually much MUCH older. Something very strange is going on – that is, beyond the average strangeness we’ve already seen. 😂

    1. Probably another creature that has also a human form (or many forms). The Blade already said that the king’s blood tasted strange .

      So , i guess the kings is a malicious creature and probably resposinble for the human dragon war

  2. Well, I’m still not convinced they are Yarn and Nettles… I am also thinking that in Steve’s universe the only way Dragons are made is female Dragons mating with humans when they are in their human form, and… these kids I bet are the king’s kids, and Yarn and Nettle’s cousins, and Phosphine’s sister is actually their mother…

  3. [I May Not Be Good But I’m Slow]

    I got the batch of goodies late last week, and I am duly impressed. Given what little I know about production of goods like this, the results exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for the very kind support! I really hope you love all the goodies! The manufacturers I worked with did lovely work and I’ll pass along your compliments. Thank you again BP!

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