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The Middle Age
This should be fun!

Episode 268: “This should be fun!”

While I’m feeling much better after that brief illness, there are still some lingering side effects from the heavy medication – specifically that hat Quimp is wearing.

This episode serves as a bit of connective tissue for the story and as a reminder to readers that Quimp is at odds with the King and that Maledicta thought there was something odd about the King’s blood (first mentioned 220 episodes ago – way back in episode 48).

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Don’t worry, Quimp. Your strange headgear will have your fellow knights confused, thinking some mutant waterfowl is attacking. Before they can come to their senses, Maledicta will be slicing them into little pieces instead.

  2. Travel the world, the recruiter said, meet interesting people in exotic locales, the recruiter said, and kill them …

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