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The Middle Age
Tragic though it may be...

Episode 245: “Tragic though it may be…”

I’m very happy with how this episode turned out. It’s little things like the way Jarn and Nittles are looking at their mom in panel 3 and the way Nittles is resting against Phosphene’s cheek in panel 4. And even Melvwyn’s beard and mustache in panel 1 are more meringue than ever.

I know it’s a silly comic about talking swords and a hero with an arrow sticking out of his head, but emotional episodes like this wreck me. I need to play with my cats. 🙂

I hope you and yours are happy, safe, and well.

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— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Okay, I’ll ask (hoping for an answer if’n it doesn’t “spoil some vast eternal plan” … did the violin come from the beard, if so where is everything else? Why does the one arrow remain? When did our hero lose a finger?

    1. Yeah, I had wondered about the violin too and had gone back a few pages to see if it showed before this. At least it’s appropriate for this page to page to play a mournful melody.

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