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The Middle Age
Uh oh!

Episode 204: “Uh oh!”

Before you think that I’ve found a way to save time by having our heroes appear in black-and-white, nope! To make the gray tones convincing (partly because my approach to coloring each piece of each character is a little different – gloves get colored in a very different way than, say, Quimp’s face) I found I had to completely render the heroes and then remove the color.

It pays off in panel one, where I left hints of the color during the transformation.

I hope you like how it’s turned out. 🙂

Once again, my deepest thanks to my amazing supporters on Patreon!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. Even though the paw is at the ready and the flames stoked the growl is a question.
    Depending on what is said next may very well determine how fire resistant and squish-able our heroes(?) are at the moment.

    Is that a steel-skin enchantment?
    Very different from a Steal-skin.
    That one is just gross.

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