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The Middle Age
Wait... aren't you...

Episode 208: “Wait… aren’t you…”

As promised: probably too much dialogue. 🙂

The biggest challenges of this episode were trying to make room for all that text and trying to be sure the panels are visually interesting as the characters dig through rubble.

I hate to admit how long it took my to get just enough color into the smoldering debris to give some contrast to our black-and-white heroes (Quimp holding part of a wooden post in panel one helps).

And all of this was just to have the line, “I single-handedly co-created the high five.”

I ended up writing a dozen more of Melvyn’s accomplishments but these were my favorite. 🙂

Thank you again for your wonderful support! <3 Thanks again to my very kind supporters on Patreon!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. … single handedly …
    … co-created ….

    Does that mean he only had one hand at the time he helped create it?

    1. Single-handedly has a few meanings in the english language. It could mean doing something by yourself, handicapping yourself (usually to prove skill), or literally using only one of your hands.

      This joke relies on our knowledge of this, as the line starts “I single-handedly…” Which is meant to evoke the first use of the phrase, doing it by oneself. Then we are immediately subverted in our expectations with “…co-created…” Which is meant to cause us to question how one can do-create (create with another) whild doing something single-handedly (by oneself). Then we are given the punch line that ties it together, “…the high five.” Which gives us then the context we need to realize that in this context, he meant single-handedly as in “using only one of his hands”. This allows us to realize our mistake in assuming the meaning, which then causes us to think of all the meanings, leading to a play on words that evokes humor.

      As I always say,explaining the joke is the height of comedy.

  2. I know people differ on the amount of text they like in a webcomic so I can’t speak for all but I enjoy lots. And what you wrote doesn’t even come close to lots so don’t apologise. I don’t suppose you’d tell us what some of the other accomplishments of MtM are, would you, please? Pretty please?

    1. Because you asked, Jude… 🙂

      ?I?m the reason stars are in the shapes of the constellations.?

      ?I misplaced the lost continent of Atlantis.?

      ?I?m the reason pairs of pants are sold individually.?

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