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The Middle Age
Why wouldn't he?

Episode 282: “Why wouldn’t he?”

I hope everyone’s have a lovely Monday.

Last week, I was knocked sideways with an awful, awful case of the flu and am now back to 93%. The past seven days were rough but I’m excited to be back at the drawing board. And I’m even more excited to be back to drinking coffee instead of lemon/jasmine/tumeric/honey tea. 🙂

As you may have seen, we have a Patreon Special Offer going on (of which I had every intention of making a bigger deal before influenza got me). Everyone at the $5 level and above will get a copy of all 13 downloadable books, graphic novels, and sketchbooks. So, if you know someone who’s a fan of The Middle Age, now’s the best time to become a Patreon supporter!

On to the next episode!

Thank you again for your amazing support!

— Steve

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    1. True story, about to decamp for Mt. Whitney with my cousins, my uncle drives into town to get us pizza. We’d all said that we would anything except for anchovies on it. He remembered anchovies but not the “not”, and whilst there were no anchovies in Death Valley’s only pizzeria, there was … salmon. It was detestable. I’d have preferred licorice.

  1. Slay the picturer! I wonder what “Maledicta, The Blade of Woe” would think of the taste of his blood ….. Would it have tasted worse than the King’s who now says he isn’t the King??? YUCK! (see episode #48) 🙂

  2. Dragons like myself like the ancient horehound licorice flavor which is indescribable: some call it smoky, warm and, according to some, similar to licorice or root-beer. Perhaps the prince is a dragon …

  3. The king did just say, on the last page, “then but a tiny prince.” What the heck were they supposed to think?

    1. So he was “then but a tiny prince” at the age of 23, and he had presumably reached his full growth. Thus the king is tiny NOW.

      This could get interesting…

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