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Episode 229: “Will everyone just…”

Lady Phosphene seems upset in this episode. This is another page I’d drew repeatedly. 🙂

Waddlebottom vs. The HecklordThe response to Waddlebottom vs. The Hecklord short comic story has been so kind that I’ve added it as a Patreon “Special Offer” for new and existing Patreon supporters who sign up by September 30th. So if you know anyone who might be interested in getting a PDF and/or printed copy and might want to support this silly webcomic, please spread the word! All supporters at every level will get the PDF and everyone at the $7 level and above will get the printed Waddlebottom short comic story in the mail.  (Or if you just want to skip Patreon and get the PDF, it’s for sale here)

The Reuben Awards ceremony was held Saturday and, while The Middle Age didn’t win, it genuinely is an honor to be nominated! The Reubens are nominated and voted on by members of the National Cartoonists Society so it’s a thrill to have The Middle Age recognized by fellow cartoonists.

One odd aspect of this year’s virtual/video ceremony was that – because the event was produced in advance – the acceptance speeches had to be pre-recorded. This meant, as to not spoil the surprise, every nominee was asked to record an acceptance speech and only the winners’ videos were used.

So… there’s a video out there of me accepting an award I didn’t win. But it’s not so bad. I never expect to win these things, so it’s mostly me congratulating my fellow nominees. 🙂

And speaking of thanks, big thanks to new Patreon supporters Zack, Patty, Steven, Randy, and An! <3

Wherever you are, I hope you’re safe and well!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. This just in: Phosphine discovered on Venus! See the Royal Astronomical Society press briefing at YewTewb, watch?v=y1u-jlf_Olo

  2. Speaking of Jarn & Nittles, you never answered if they were if fact boys or if Quimp was just guessing, and if not, are there are any male dragons in this Quimpian universe you have created.

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