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August 1, 2016

You Really Know How to Hurt a Guy

I’m very happy with how this strip came together. The first panel is probably the best thing I’ve ever drawn. I ended up rewriting the script as to not cover so much of the art.

As for panel two, here are some of the similies I didn’t use:

  • Like an arthritic moose who read the pamphlet “an introduction to stumbling” and decided to give it a whirl?
  • Like if a magic pork chop and a completely normal pork chop had a baby which was raised by developmentally challenged bears and who taught the child to spend the next 40 years drowning his chronic disappointment in ale and pies? Like that?
  • Like eight possums crammed into a suit of armor and pushed down a hill?
  • Like a pork chop magically transformed into a real boy who then spent 30 years really letting himself go?
  • Like two four-legged animals in a three-legged race?
  • Like the poster boy for worse posters?

See you next week!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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