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The Middle Age
Your majesty?

Episode 273: “Your majesty?”

This is one of the few episodes to not feature our hero – though he is the topic of conversation.

This episode was almost entirely derailed by the most middle-aged of problems – my back went out. In fact, the first draft of the first episode of The Middle Age started: ‘Twas the middle age, a time of knights, wizards, and lower-back pain.

Write what you know!

This episode shows the King for the first time in nearly 170 episodes, not counting Quimp’s flashback to Aethur as a younger prince. The long absence gave me the opportunity to spruce up the King’s look.

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I hope your new year is off to a brilliant start!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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  1. This strip might not feature Quimp himself but they do include his two adorable offspring …or does it? They should still be back with Phosphene. So who are these two dragon kits?

    Steve, take care of your back and don’t be lifting anything heavier than a pen until it’s healed.

    1. Phosphene got captured by them so maybe the kids have a little more freedom. Also is it bad that until now I didn’t realize that the glyphs are gone from Maledicta? When did they vanish!? I don’t know! If I was paying attention at the time I’ve since forgotten!

      1. Huh, look at that. I’m not willing to do a dive on that, but maybe Steve got tired of drawing them in? Kind of prosaic, I know, but that would have been a lot of busy work. Then again, I could be wrong…

  2. I like not how he has “corpse” in scare quotes and describes the knights as fools.
    Also, good point by Vain Black.
    Watch your back, oh author, watch your back … but don’t damage anything twisting that far around.

    1. He’s describing Quimp as “the fool,” not the knights, but yeah, he’s clearly not buying Quimp’s “death.” On the other paw, the point of the stratagem was merely to get to the king without having to slaughter the whole camp to get there, so mission accomplished.

  3. That graphic on the kings chest… I keep telling my mind not to have a dirty mind, but it’s hard(dammit 😀 ).

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