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The Middle Age
You're too late! He's dead

Episode 54: “You’re too late! He’s dead!”

As you may know, I live in Florida. I bravely fled the Category 5 Hurricane for the safety of South Carolina and as such, I don’t have all my gear – and I originally posted a B&W version of the strip. I just didn’t want to leave the Lord of All Ducks dead for one more day. (Update: I’ve since posted the full-color version.)

Big, big thanks to my newest Patreon supporter Tracy! A new Patreon supporter brightens the stormiest day! 🙂

Thank you again for reading and sharing! I hope everyone is safe and that your comics books are dry!

— Steve @theSteveConley

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    1. Ditto. By the time it reached the Orlando area, it had been downgraded to a Cat 2. Even so there was plenty of damage about. My area was lucky, however: we have power, water, and cable/Internet (the necessities of life 🙂 ). Still, I know plenty of people without power. 🙁

  1. Are we sure Lord Waddlebottom didn’t steal the 9 lives from Todd?

    You know, I’ve read a lot of silly books, and I’ve played a lot of silly roleplays, but in all my life, I never imagined I’d write such a sentence as that! 😀

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