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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic book

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

This was a particularly fun project created for Boom! Studios and Cards, Comics and Collectibles – a comic book shop in Baltimore, Maryland.

Final_CardsComicsCollectibles_VariantI have to admit I hadn’t seen a single episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers before I took on this project. My friends who are fans of the show said the cover had to focus on the Green Ranger and his Dragonzord. Thanks to Netflix, I was able to binge a few episodes and see why the Green Ranger is so popular.

I was immediately struck by the dagger/flute weapon of his and knew I wanted to feature that on the cover.

I sketched a quick thumbnail on my iPad and submitted it for approval.

Once approved, I worked up a black-and-white version in Manga Studio and Photoshop. Color work was done in Adobe Photoshop.

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