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The Art of Richard Thompson
The Art of Richard Thompson
Book Design

The Art of Richard Thompson

I had the honor of designing the book The Art of Richard Thompson, published by Andrews McMeel.

Richard was an amazing cartoonist known for his fluid line and brilliantly funny illustrations.

My goal with this project was to present a museum experience between two covers. I wanted to give readers the sense that they were looking at the original works and not let my design get in the way.

This cover is the first of mine where I added a light tint to the cover and applied a subtle glow radiating from the center. The thought was to draw the reader in and make the physical cover seem luminous. I love how the effect turned out and have used it on a number of projects since.

I loved working on this project. I spent nearly nine months on this project and I found Richard’s work endlessly inventive, hilarious, and inspiring. It’s changed how I’ve approached every cartooning and illustration project I’ve done since. A wonderful experience working with some stellar people.

The book is available from here.


The Art of Richard Thompson

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