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The Prayer’s Handbook: Digital Edition



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The Prayer’s Handbook: The Meta Domain Cleric is a fourth-wall-bending cleric subclass for the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. The book is written and illustrated by Steve Conley and made possible by a successful Kickstarter campaign and Steve’s supporters on Patreon.

The Prayer’s Handbook contains everything you need to add the Meta Domain cleric subclass to your 5E campaign! Plus new spells, items, and creatures! This book includes…

  • Rules for the Meta Domain cleric subclass: a fun, powerful, and playable subclass for fifth-edition
  • A guide for creating each Meta Domain cleric’s unique Prayer’s Handbook – a magic tome which levels up and gains power as your Meta Domain cleric does
  • Level-by-level Epiphanies for your cleric which can change their abilities and their view of the world – such as level 8 where they learn their player’s name and can invoke it for bonus effects
  • New spells and cantrips like THACO! and Power Word: No!
  • New magic items like the Tinfoil Helm and the Blade of Purest Proscenium
  • New creatures like the Hydrahedron and the mighty Grognard

This is a 33-page PDF.

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